good software takes time, like wine.

What is Web Software?

What Does It Do? 

Why Use It?

FTC Media You should be ready for a site full of innovations in web software. Innovation is important in the web world. Staying in a design that does not follow innovations and is not updated puts you behind your competitors. FTC Media It follows the innovations for you and creates a design accordingly.

In this way, when your customers enter the site, they encounter a more pleasing design. This reflects both your quality and your eligibility to the customer. The first criterion that is important in Web Software is that every person entering the site is pleasing to the eye and enjoys staying on the site thanks to the design.

What are the Types of Web Software?

  1. HTML: The easiest to use web softwareis. It is an indispensable language that forms the basic structure of a site. The browsers we use compile the codes in the software and reflect them on the screen as we can see them. It is also known as the building block of other languages in Web Software. Other languages have been prepared using html.
  2. .Net, ASP, PHP, Java Script, Flash: All these software languages have emerged to add different features to web pages prepared with HTML software. Areas such as banners, headers, footers used on the website are created by these software languages. Instead of writing header code separately for each page, it is written only once and called with the help of code on other pages. The advantage of this is that it does not take up space on the site and the coded software works faster. For example, the E-Commerce site is php-based software.

Where is Web Software Used?

Your web software is software that can be used in any area you want on your site. It can be used in pages such as admin panel, user panel. In addition, if you want users to add images to the site, you must use web software. If you are worried about where and how to use the web software FTC Media  You can contact and ask for support.