You must learn from your opponent, but never copy.

If you have e-commerce, it means your company has a 24/7 open branch.

You must have a store to sell your product. To be able to sell on the Internet, you must have an E-Commerce site. If you add online payment methods to your E-Commerce site, which is your online store, your customers can make their payments without wasting time.

Online payment allows payment via credit / debit cards without wasting time on E-Commerce sites. For this, you need to take security measures. FTC Media He will take these measures for you. Thanks to the software we install and the systems we use, your customers can make their payments safely at any time of the day. Showing your customers a certificate stating that your site is secure will be the biggest factor in choosing you. FTC Media You can request this certificate to be added to your site by contacting.

Benefits of E-Commerce

  • You will have a store that allows you to serve 24/7 on the web.
  • You can ensure that payments are made safely without waiting.
  • You can offer the customer more product options.
  • Customers can see all your products in seconds without wasting time.
  • Thanks to E-Commerce, you can follow how much you sell from which product and how much profit you make.
  • Exchange rate fluctuations such as dollar and euro are updated and reflect current prices to customers.

What Are The Advantages Of The Customer?

  • The customer saves time and can see all products in a short time.
  • You can see the color, size, weight of the products.
  • You can see the properties of the products and make comparisons between the products.
  • They can order from where they sit.
  • They can see the positive comments about the product and the rate of getting the product increases.

Competition Moved to the Internet

Your competitors deliver their orders on the web and earn more. Why are you waiting? Immediately FTC Media Ask for an E-Commerce system and increase your sales. Increased sales means Increased earnings.