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In Animation, the movements are drawn one by one and created by sequencing on the timeline. Usually a second consists of 24 frames. Depending on the animation prepared, there can be a maximum of 24 fps and at least two drawings per second. What kind of animation you want FTC Media You can reach the team and start waiting for the result by leaning on your seat. FTC Media team will deliver the animation according to your request in a short time.

Animators use an exposure sheet with instructions on how to make each scene to put it all together. The exposure page is divided into 5 sections:

  • Actions and timing
  • Dialogues and music
  • Animation layers
  • Backgrounds
  • Perspective


Araştırmalar göstermiştir ki, ses ve görüntü bir arada olunca, tek başına olmasına oranla, izleyen kişinin algısı %75 daha fazla olmaktadır. Bunun anlamı şudur, mesajınızı en iyi şekilde ulaştırmanın en etkili yolu videodur. Bakalım 2D animation How do videos affect the human brain?

1) Simple ingredients increase your sales.

Human memory can process one piece of information at a time. Simple and clear promotional videos are better at conveying your message. The brain can focus and absorb very little information in this process. Therefore, the message you want to give will be more memorable.

2) It has more retention in memory.

Videos are positioned in memory thanks to people's prior knowledge and past knowledge based on experience. Introductory animation videos are based on metaphors, which are metaphors based on the viewer's past experience and knowledge. Its permanence will be more this way.

3) Video + Sound = Persistence

Video ve ses bir arada olduğunda, insan beyninde kolay kolay unutulmayan iyi bir izlenim bırakır. Araştırmalar göstermiştir ki, ses ve görsel öğeler bir arada verildiğinde, anlatılan şey %75 oranda daha rahat hatırlanmaktadır.

Nowadays, it is one of the most preferred areas to establish strong ties with the target audience. 2D animation videos! Take the first step to seize this opportunity!

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